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Welcome to the Culpeper Soccer Association (CSA) Youth Recreational Soccer

The CSA recreational program strives to promote soccer fundamentals by developing players from early childhood through young adult, in a safe, enjoyable environment. CSA recreational soccer provides an opportunity for all players to have fun, learn the sport and develop a love of the game.

Spring 2015 Season Dates

October 20 - November 2 Early Registration

January 1 - February 28 Regular Registration

February 28 Scholarship request deadline
February 28 Move up request deadline
February 29 - March 21 Wait list registration

March 14 Field Day/coaches meetings/training
March 14 Rosters available
March 14 Practice schedules available
March 16 Practice begins
March 21 Field Day2/coaches meetings/training
March 22 Game schedules available
March 23 Final Rosters
March 28 Game 1
March 30 Refunds issued to wait list players not rostered

April 4 Easter no games
April 11 Game 2
April 17 All Star Try-outs
April 18 Game 3
April 18 All Star Try-outs
April 18 Picture day
April 25 Game 4

May 2 Game 5
May 9 Game 6
May 16 Game 7
May 23 Memorial Day no games
May 30 Game 8

June 6-7 CSA Classic

**Dates subject to change

Fall 2014 Season Dates

June 5 to July 28 - Regular registration
July 28 - Scholarship request deadline
July 28 - Move up request deadline
July 29 to September 2 - Wait list registration
August 16- Coaches receive rosters
August 16- Practice schedule available
August 18- Practices may begin

August 23 Coaches meetings

August 23- Field day
August 30- Game schedules available
September 2 - Final rosters

September 6,13,20,27 - Games 1-4
September 20 - Picture day
September 20 - All-Star tryouts
October 4,18,25 - Games 5-7
October 11- No games

November 1 - Game 8

November 15-16 Piedmont Fall Classic

**Dates subject to change

Recreation Information


New Rostering Procedures

posted 05/30/2013

In the fall all teams will be new. We will no longer be accepting coach requests. The only request we will honor are the Child of the coach and Child of (1) assistant coach. Parents may request a certain practice location and night, and we will try our best to fulfill these. All request have to be done when registering your child otherwise they will not be honored. If possible ride share request will be considered but not guaranteed. Teams will be new each spring with the exception of players that paid full year or players that paid and registered by the end of the "Spring guaranteed registration". This is an opportunity for players that did not elect to pay full year to pay at the end of the Fall season for the Spring and be guaranteed a spot with the same team in the spring. We will have a two week open registration for any returning players wishing to continue with the team in the spring, this will be held the last two weeks of the Fall season. If you do not register during this time, you are not guaranteed to be on the same team in the spring.