Kevin Durant disappoints by losing to Clippers

Forward Kevin Durant denounced after the Brooklyn Nets‘ defeat to the LA Clippers on Saturday despite a lack of players for the visiting ufabet team.

Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant has been disappoint with his recent 116-120 defeat to the LA Clippers on Saturday. Even though the visiting team faces a lack of players, many of them are injure and infected with covids. This includes head coach Tyronn Lou, according to ESPN.

The Clippers visit with hamstrings, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Nicolas Batum injured, while Ivisha Subash and Luke Kennedy are in protocol. Wid-19′, while Marcus Morris Jr. was not involved in the game after scoring 20 points in the defeat by the Toronto Raptors on Friday. Head coach Tyronn Lou and assistant Brian Shaw are also in the protocol.

Eric Bledzo is the Clippers’ most after scoring 27 points, the most this season, while Terence Mann and Reggie Jackson contributed 19 points each, while Emir Kof. Fey helped to score 14 points.

James Harden’s most of the Nets were 34 points, 12 rebounds and 13 assists but shot down only 9 of 22, while Kevin Durant scored 28 points, 9. Rebounds and three assists, while Patty Mills and Nick Claxton each contributed 17 and 13 points respectively.

‘I mean It is normal for teams to lack a lot of players. They’ve been through a lot there. And you relax,’ Durant said after the game, ‘you didn’t think you were going to lose in an NBA game like this.’

The Nets had beaten the Clippers 124-108 without Durant on Monday, with Harden scoring 39 points and 15 assists. in the second half until finally losing