Yannis Antetucumpo ‘s global growth

If we are talking about the hottest basketball player in the world right now, the Greek basketball player Yannis Antetucumpo of the Milwaukee Bucks would be that person. Because in addition to just winning the NBA last season. He has also held the title of Player of the Year for 2 years in a row.

But before Yannis will come to this point is not easy. Or it could be said that it was impossible. because he not only grew up from a poor family But Yannis’ parents are still illegal immigrants. That made him stateless. and had to sell things on the streets until he was 17 years old.

This is the inspiring story of Yannis Antetukumpo, who assertsthat a

son of illegal labor

If you walk the streets of Thailand Then meet a boy who is the child of illegal labor from a neighboring country. When you start to wonder if this child in front of you can grow up to be a quality adult? That’s the moment you come in agreement with the Greek people who met Yannis Antetukumpo as a child.

Continuing to pursue dreams even without a nationality 

To Yannis, he has a great talent for street sales. But his only dream since childhood was to become a professional footballer since Father Charles was a footballer before. Of course, Charles was not a successful footballer. But the dream of football was passed on to Yannis.

The inspiration of immigrant children

To be honest, Yannis’ talent is good enough to move up to the top-flight and qualify for Greece’s national team. but with his status as a stateless man As a result, Yannis’ door of opportunity was blocked. But real gold is not allergic to fire. Yannis too. His reputation eventually caught the ear of many NBA team scouts, and something incredible happened.