A stalker has promised her victims she will not stop until she dies

Kerryn Mitchell​ promised the couple she had been harassing in 2012 that she would not stop.

A text message sent to the man who had a protection order against her said, “When is this ufabet going to end c…? When I’m dead.”

A stalker has promised her victims she will not stop until she dies

Nine years later, she is keeping that promise.

On Wednesday, she was sentenced to jail again – this time to two years and three months.

She now has over 80 convictions for promised. She had previously been found guilty in 2019 of a breach.

While she was awaiting sentence for that and in custody, she sent seven envelopes from Arohata prison addressed to the victims with her name on the back. There was nothing in the envelopes.

The victims have spent more than $60,000 on a security system aimed solely at Mitchell.

One of the victims said she could not believe the letters had been sent. The victims received an apology after Stuff wrote that the letters were still being sent.

She said they just want Mitchell to leave them alone but she does not seem to comprehend that.

Judge Mill said Mitchell was at high risk of reoffending.

She had continued while in prison, awaiting sentence and then when sentenced.

“I take into account your lack of remorse or any indication you will stop and the considerable effect on the victims.”

Mitchell’s lawyer Lucie Scott had asked for a lower sentence and criticised a Corrections’ submission that would have seen Mitchell removed from Wellington on her release from prison and put into emergency housing.

She said a sentence focused on Mitchell’s rehabilitation was necessary.

Judge Mill did not impose any release conditions given the length of the jail term. Mitchell is likely to be released soon since she has been in custody on remand since 2019.