Bellingham, the value that Liverpool deserve

Jude Bellingham, the hottest young midfielder in Europe, which Liverpool we have shown interest for a long time. This is why the 2022 summer market should try to make an offer to buy from Borussia Dortmund.

Bellingham has impressed enough at the Euro 2020 tournament in the name of England. even though all of them were born as a backup And the work in the new season with the agency is still strong, has already hit 2 goals , two assists on the German Bundesliga stage from the midfield position  

And then that makes the media in England buzz, probably the latest ball. That can be done on Armenia Bielefeld. When breaking the three defenders of the opponent and chipping over the goalkeeper in cold blood.  

Strong media like ‘ Talk Sport ‘ believes that ‘ Reds ‘ are determine with this playmaker. Even though he is only 18 years old, and the price would be expensive.  

In the interesting opinion of Kevin Hatcherd, European football guru thinks Liverpool are spending wisely on expensive players, as seen from Mohamed Salah ( £ 34m ) in 2017, Fur. Gil van Dijk (75 million pounds ) and Alisson Becker (54 million pounds ), two markets in 2018.

So if the next one is Bellingham in 2022, it’s worth buying.

“ I think what Liverpool have shown from the past is when they spend a lot of money on a player. It will transform itself better. ” The view from Hatcherd.

“ When Ali Song was brought into the team. It was like a rambutan taking off the picture because the doctor was an elite Dan. ”

” I tiptoe to see the full range Ps . When 2-3 years before they were eliminate at the hands of Attica . Madrid , then at that time , ‘ Ali ‘ not the pole. You can see how important it is. It is completely different. ” 

” We know about the quality of Van Dijk and the team has transformed itself since then. ” 

” So that if the club want to progress you Bellingham , it is classified as the same .”

“ Well, it’s obvious in the case of Van Dijk and Alisson that it works. But with the built-in potential that Jude brings to the club, it’s a worthwhile investment. ”