Cam Newton Gets in Argument With Young Heckler at His Camp and Goes Viral

While hosting a football camp, Cam Newton got into an argument with an attendee that has since gone viral. The young player seemed to target Newton about his free agency among other things. 

Newton then asked the unnamed heckler where his father was and asked to speak with him. “You about to be poor,” the young player said in response. 

The while he continued to say “you’re a free agent” as both of them continued to speak over each other. 

Cam Newton, 31, just finished his first season—and likely his last—with the Patriots where he threw for 2,657 yards and eight touchdowns along with 10 interceptions in his 15 games played. The Patriots finished 7-9 and are expected to part ways with Newton.

Once the video picked up attention on social media, Newton addressed it on his Instagram account when he posted a video of him talking to the young player one-on-one. Newton asked him about his school’s season.

“Talking to a child with everybody looking does me no good,”.

Although the video went viral, athletes across football. Newton was named MVP in 2015 and drafted No. 1 in 2011.