Free reads: how to find no-cost fiction books online

A glitch in copyright law will make thousands of new books available.

If you’re a dedicated reader, the internet can provide a treasure trove of free books, short stories, and other reading material. But where do you look ทางเข้า UFABET? Especially if you want to find free reading material that doesn’t violate copyright?

In this article, we list a variety of sources where you can find novels, short stories, poetry, and more, both old and recent. But first, we’ve got an interesting bit of news for anyone looking for relatively recent books: thousands of works that were, until now, assumed to be copyrighted may not be.

Free reads how to find no-cost fiction online

The NYPL has been working on a project to identify, verify and scan these books. The first step was to convert the Catalog of Copyright Entries (CCE), which lists all of the copyrights from that period, from scanned images to XML, making the process much easier. But that’s just the beginning of the process.

You have to make sure that there isn’t material within the book — say, an edition with a more recently written introduction — that is still in copyright.

While you’re waiting for all of these new books to become available, there are already many resources online where you can find free books and stories to read.