“Lawrence” predicts the result of the “Premier League”

I have known whether it will be accurate or not when “Mark Lawrence Renson” famous movie guru. Come out to predict the results of the competition “English Premier League” this week, where the big team will be without two teams.

On February 19, 64, the famous movie guru Mark Lawrence Come out to predict the results of the English Premier League ufabet this week. Where he sees that the big team will not be able to win two teams with “Reds” from Liverpool, the former champion team under the leadership of the German team Jurgen Klopp. 

At this time the work is not going well, you can only open Anfield field with friends like “Toffee blue” Everton with the score 1-1

While another big team is the “big guns” Arsenal of Spanish trainer Miguel Arteta will open up the Emirates Stadium defeat to the crowd at the crowd. “The Blues” Manchester City with the score 3-1

While the crowd like “The Blues” Manchester City will continue to advance to the championship. With the opening of the house, slash overcome “Chicken Golden Spikes” Tottenham Hotspur narrowly narrowed the “Red Devils” Manchester United, the second leader of the pack, will invade “The Baggies” West Bromwich Albion. Soft type

Come out to predict the results of the English Premier League football season 2020-21 this week, all 10 pairs, the results show that there is a big team stumbling, one team is “Reds” Liverpool who will still not find victory. By always being able to invade “Siam Fox” Leicester City