Life Circumstances End Thierry Henry’s Time in Montreal

The CF Montreal coach cited family reasons for stepping away from the club Thierry Henry’s, which denied that rumors linking him to Bournemouth played any role.

Citing the time he’s spent away from his family and the fallout from the pandemic’s persistence into 2021, Thierry Henry’s on Thursday announced his resignation as coach of CF Montreal.

The famous Frenchman spent a year in Quebec, providing the meandering club a spark and a bit of long-sought cachet. He also took them to the MLS Cup playoffs for the first time in four UFABET seasons. But life intervened.

“It is with a heavy heart that I’ve decided to take this decision,” Henry said in a statement. “The last year has been an extremely difficult one for me personally. Due to the worldwide pandemic, I was unable to see my children.

Unfortunately due to the ongoing restrictions and the fact that [CFM] will have to relocate to the U.S. again for several months, [this year] will be no different. The separation is too much of a strain for me and my kids.”

“I always believe you win championships because you have a team, and you have guys who are willing to come along and make the team win and when the starters are not playing, those guys can come along,” Henry told Sports Illustrated last month.

“Last year, we lost Piatti. We lost Saphir Taïder midseason. You lost goals and assists there,” he continued. “We were going to be in trouble to make the playoffs, and we managed to do it. Sometimes a team, when they are supposed to perform and they have their back against the wall, they do. When you lose a legend like Piatti, it’s not easy.