Mbappe who is the best footballer in the world

Considered a score that is quite Mbappe unexpected for the UFABET game.  Champions League round of 16 teams, the first match between “you threw”. a strong team from the perfume city

No matter what angle Barca is superior, despite poor performance from the Catalan team, and Paris is ready, but the squad is inferior to Neymar. Only one Kylian Mbappe left to fight the home defense line.

Opening of Malione Messina, striker, captain of the team. Beat the penalty for Barcelona to take the lead 1-0. Look, everything should end without difficulty.

But the situation was not the case when the normal Kylian Mbappe was already performing well. But in this game I don’t know which of the celestial gods are Three top-hitting bombs helped PSG to attack Barca 4-1.

From the past scores, the chances of qualifying for the eight teams of PSG are almost 99 per cent.

Because Barca would not have the strength to invade this hour Let’s shoot 3 Paris at home.

The offensive line, whether it be Messi, Antoine Griezmann and Usmanedembeledu, is not going to be smooth, and Griezmann and Messi go in different directions. Like oil and water, however, they don’t get along well.

Frankly speaking, the release of Uruguayan striker Luis Suarez out of Dutch manager Ronald Kuman was a big missed decision, 

After the game, Mauricio Pochettino, manager of the Argentine Even came out to give Mbappe the best player in the world this hour.