Nacon RIG Pro Compact review compact with caveats

There’s a crowd for a mini Xbox controller Nacon brand, but this one doesn’t get everything right.

Accessory brand Nacon recently put out its $50 RIG Pro compact wired controller for the Xbox Series X/S ( and Xbox One) consoles and PC, but I have a thing for controller that drastically alter the shape of the mon.

Nacon RIG Pro Compact review compact with caveats

There’s less distance between where your thumbs lie on the sticks and where the triggers are, which should be a boon for people with small hands or those who just want to feel like everything is easily within ufabet reach.

It’s a good-looking little controller. But setting the form factor to the side momentarily, one of the main features of the Rig Pro Compact is that it has a 3.5mm audio port for headphones and that it unlocks access to the Dolby Atmos app on PC and Xbox once you plug it in. With it, you’ll get Dolby’s spatial audio advancements through wired headphones or headsets you connect to the Pro Compact. It’s a nice incentive if you’re looking for a wired controller, but I don’t consider this to be a must-have feature.

Whether you should buy the Pro Compact depends mostly on the size of your hands. As I mentioned, it’s a shorter controller from top to bottom than Microsoft’s, so there’s less distance between the triggers and buttons. That change, while beneficial for many, has a few knock-on effects that might negatively impact your experience with it, as it did for me.