“Sun” is the home of the Spurs in the European Cup

Son Huong-min made the appearance of Spurs’ top scorer in the European Cup after scoring one goal before coming out to rest in the second half. Led the team to win in the Europa League round of 32 teams, the first game.

On February 19, 64, the aftermath of the Europa League football ufabet round of 32, the first match in which Tottenham Hotspur, a famous team from the English Premier League.

In the 13th minute, Sun Huongmin tackled “Golden Spikes Chicken” in the 13th minute, resulting in the South Korean striker becoming the club’s fourth player to score at least 20 goals in the competition. European Cup football then. If goals scored in qualifying games are not count.

The Sun Huang Min was substitute off before starting the second half, as Gareth Bale score 1 goal was to take off in the 64th minute as Harry Kane shot the captain was not coming. with To keep it fresh, kick off West Ham United in the Premier League. Sunday, February 21

Which Sun Huong Min, the South Korean striker of Spurs team Show great speed and technique skills. Speed ​​from the front of the penalty area itself Dodging more than half of the Burnley players To shoot in a superior way It was voted for the “Puskus Award 2020” to win in the end.